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Counterpoint research: Refurbished iPhone Volumes Grew 16% YoY Globally in 2022

The global secondary smartphone market witnessed a 5% YoY growth in 2022,according toCounterpoint Research’s Global Refurb Smartphone Tracker,amidst the increasing demand for refurbished smartphones worldwide. However, the growth rate could have been higher if not for the steep decline of 17% in China''s refurbished smartphone sales - marking one of the most significant drops in...

The Secret to Boosting Your Phone Store''''s Revenue_ Focusing on the Most Profitable iPhone Models

As a phone store owner, increasing revenue is always yourtop priority. One effective way to achieve this is by focusing on the most profitable iPhone models. With the right strategy, you can maximize your profits and grow your business. In this article, I will share with you the secret to boosting your phone store''''s revenue...

iOS17 may no longer supports iPhone 8 and X, and Control Center will has major adjustments

Netizens who had before accurately revealed the design of the Dynamic Island revealed on the MacRumors forum that Apple plans to make "significant" adjustments to the Control Center in the iOS 17 system. The anonymous netizen said that iOS 17 will focus on improving performance and stability, with relatively few changes in the system UI,...

Juniper Research: The number of Internet of Things connections using eSIM technology will increase to 195 million in 2026

A new study by Juniper Research finds that the number of IoT connections worldwide using eSIM technology will increase from 22 million in 2023 to 195 million by 2026. With the adoption of eIM (eSIM IoT Manager) in eSIM platforms driving growth over the next three years.According to the report, only 2% of all eSIM...

Gartner: Global smartphone sales to grow 6% in 2021

Global smartphone sales will grow 6% in 2021, according to Gartner. After a 12.5% decline in 2020, smartphone sales rebounded in the first half of 2021. But parts shortages and supply chain issues disrupted sales in the second half of 2021.Anshul Gupta, senior research director at Gartner, said: "The improved consumption outlook and pent-up demand...

Counterpoint: Apple''s iPhone market share in Europe reached 26% in 2021, setting a record high share

In 2021, Apple''s smartphone business grows by 25% year-on-year in the European market. It records an all-time high market share in the region by December 2021. The iPhone maker surpassed Samsung in smartphone market share twice in Europe last year. Apple both started and ended the year as the region''s largest smartphone maker, according to...

Canalys: Apple''s smartphone shipments will account for 22% of the global total in Q4 2021

According to the latest report of Canalys, due to strong consumer demand for the iPhone 13, Apple’s smartphone shipments in the fourth quarter of 2021 accounted for 22% of the global total, regaining the crown of the global smartphone market. Samsung came in second, slipping from the top spot in the third quarter of 2021,...

Canalys: The world''s best-selling smartphone in Q4 2021 is the iPhone

More than 20% of the smartphone sold in the world in the Q4 of 2021 were iPhone, according to a new report, as the Covid-19 and supply chain shortages affected all manufacturers. With 22% of all smartphone sales worldwide, Apple has surpassed Samsung''s 20% share as the world''s most popular vendor. Demand for the iPhone...

Wedbush: Apple''s iPhone demand is 12 million higher than supply in Q4 2021

Daniel Ives, an analyst at investment firm Wedbush, said, based on communications with the supply chain over the past few weeks, “We believe iPhone demand was 12 million units higher than supply in the December quarter, with supply issues in the first half of the year. Alleviated, these demands will boost Apple''s March and June...

Apple''s new function can identify whether the iPhone has been replaced with original parts

Apple released iOS 15.2. In this version, Apple added a new feature of "iPhone Part and Service History". This function allows iPhone users to know the history of equipment repairs and allows users to know whether the parts replaced during repairs are original.Apple pointed out in its official technical documentation: This feature supports iOS 15.2...



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