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Business in 2020, Android's depreciation rate is twice that of iPhone

A significant feature of consumer electronics products is that the overall value of the equipment will continue to lose over time. If you are interested in the preservation rate of various brands of smartphone models, you may wish to refer to the latest 2020 data shared on the BankMyCell website. It is reported that BankMyCell traced the buyback value of 310 popular devices last year. It can be seen that in the first two years, Android smartphones with an original price of $700 and above depreciated almost twice as fast as iOS models.

From BankMySell

For comparison, the iPhone depreciation rate for one to two years is 16.7% / 35.47%, while the Android smartphone depreciation rate over the same period is 33.62% / 61.50%.

HTC bottomed out last year

However, in the longer term, the gap between the two will gradually narrow. For example, after four years, the value of the iPhone has evaporated by 66.43%, while that of Android devices is 81.11%.

Apple iPhone product line preservation rate

If you subdivide into specific models, you must see which device is more prevalent in the market. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra model, released only 9 months ago, has plunged 64.71% in value.

Samsung Galaxy smartphone product line preservation rate

Obviously, the performance of cameras, high prices, and the COVID-19 pandemic have all made the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s sales worse. In the same period, the value of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max also dropped by 32.22%.

LG smartphone product line preservation rate

In the Android smartphone market with a price of ≤ US$350, the device’s depreciation rates in the first four years were 52.61%, 73.61%, 85.15%, and 94.90%.

Moto smartphone product line preservation rate

Among them, the estimated value of mid-range Samsung Galaxy A50 models from March 2019 to December 2020 plummeted by nearly 80%, and other Android brands have similar performance.

Google Pixel smartphone product line preservation rate

In general, Apple iPhone has the highest comprehensive value preservation rate, with an average depreciation rate of only 22.35% last year. In contrast, HTC, which has significantly shrunk the front line, undoubtedly bottomed out last year, with an average depreciation rate of 53.08%.

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