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Business Impact of Wuhan 2019-nCoV on Chinese Used Mobil Phone Wholesalers

While Wuhan pneumonia is already slashing smartphone production on a global level, it has also affected consumer confidence in the used phone wholesale market. In fact, as of 13th February 2020, used mobile phone suppliers in Mainland China have not resumed work in this field owing to the fear of the transmission and spread of this disease.

The impact of the novel coronavirus (nCoV) has led to a decrease in cell phone productivity in a big way as refurbished iPhone wholesale factories and offices are delaying production and bringing operations to a halt. Based on how quickly the virus continues to spread, it is presumed that product shortages and delays will continue to prevail, causing repercussions on the global demand and supply chains on a worldwide level.

Reasons why used cell phone supply experiences a hindrance

here is a reason why used phone wholesale supplier outlets and used phone wholesale, in general, have experienced a roadblock.

Lack of personnel for cargo transportation

One major factor involves the shortage of personnel to transport cargo. Nearly 20% of Hong Kong’s second-hand mobile phone suppliers have not commenced operations yet as the transmission of the coronavirus is an ever-looming threat. It is safe to presume that the supply chains are going to take a longer time to recover even if workers commenced operations at the earliest.

Going through customs is a battlea

There is also an even more rigorous routine with the customs, owing to the novel coronavirus pneumonia. In order to make sure the spread of the virus is kept to a minimum, the customs in Hong Kong are controlling exports in an even more stringent manner.

In fact, a majority of China’s secondhand mobile phone wholesalers reveal that the frequency of recent seizures by the customs is witnessing a gradual but steady increase, as countries are worried about the spread of the virus. The WHO has already declared an international health emergency, which is leading to more panic and chaos.

Delay in monthly delivery

A delay in resuming work as well as an uncertain future about when employees are going to return is slowly beginning to cause a delay in the monthly delivery of key components. While used phone wholesale supplier stores are experiencing a setback, the release of bulk semi-knocked down (SKD) components such as touch panels, cover glasses, and memory chips is also being curbed. There is also the fact that logistics barriers are leading to a steep rise in the costs of mobile phones.

A respite from the chaos

Ever since 2013, China has been one of the foremost in the smartphone market. However, even if the looming threat of the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic begins to subside, it can take weeks for the used phone wholesale market as well as phone manufacturers to get their supply chain, logistics and other operations back to normal and in seamless functioning order again.

While everyone is clinging to the hope that this life-threatening pneumonia will come to an end sooner rather than later, that the medical staff who are on the front line tackling this virus epidemic with a hands-on approach are safeguarded as well as the patients who are victims to this epidemic find recovery is the vision.

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