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Practically every phone user wants to be a proud owner of an iPhone. However, the high price tag can put off many prospective buyers. What if you could buy iPhones in bulk and enjoy cost savings that you could pass onto your customers? Well, that is exactly what you can do when buy phones in bulk from Wakephone.

Wakephone has the distinction of being a leading used mobile phone wholesale supplier with warehouses across Europe, including the UK, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. The company sells refurbished and used iPhones along with several other popular mobile phone brands like Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi.

Why Should Buy Phones in Bulk from Wakephone?

As a mobile phone retailer, you will want to provide your customers with quality phones at affordable prices. Wakephone gives you this opportunity with iPhones. When you iPhones in bulk from Wakephone, not only do you get competitive prices but as a new customer, you can maximize your savings to get a discount of up to 20%. This discount is valid just for new customers and hence, you should not think twice if you are looking for quality used and refurbished iPhones in bulk.

With warehouses in different countries, you will never have to wait too long to receive your shipment of iPhones; and before you know it, you will be able to retail the phones to your customers.

Things to Consider When Buying iPhones in Bulk in Europe

Whether you are buying iPhones or other mobile phones in bulk, you should check online to find the best prices. Taking the online route allows you to compare prices, features and read reviews about the wholesaler. That enables you to select the right mobile phone supplier.

Once you have shortlisted a couple of suppliers, it is essential you check the quality of the refurbished or used iPhones. It is prudent to remember that iPhones get stolen regularly and most of them find their way into the market. You can avoid this by checking the serial number or IMEI number of the phone and then check the number online. If an iPhone gets stolen, most owners report the theft to the telephone carrier and when this happens, the phone gets locked and another person will be unable to use it.

While the latest iPhone is water-resistant, the same cannot be said about the older models. So, make sure you get a guarantee from the supplier that the phones you are buying do not suffer from the water-in syndrome. Also, the other features of the phone should be in working order so that you do not receive customer complaints.

Thankfully, when you buy iPhones in large quantities from Wakephone, you have no reason to worry. All the phones undergo stringent testing via the PhoneCheck system that ensures optimal quality and functionality. So, you can rest assured knowing that all the IMEI numbers are clean and do not pose a problem.

Wakephone also provides customers with a 60-day warranty and its simple and convenient RMA process allows you to return mobile phones to its warehouses without any problem. Above all, you can take advantage of the real-time customer support that looks to resolve your issues in a prompt, efficient and effective manner. So, after buy iPhones in bulk, you can expect the best customer service to deal with problems if any.

Final Thoughts

Now you know where to buy iPhones in bulk in Europe. Wakephone is the right place to get the best quality refurbished and used iPhones in wholesale prices and you can pass on the savings to your customers. You can rest assured about the quality of the phones. Get in touch with Wakephone today to get the wholesale price list for refurbished and used iPhones and other phone brands.

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