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Finding wholesale mobile phones is not that difficult if you know where to look for them. The key to getting quality mobile phones and competitive prices is ensuring you use the right platforms. The internet has made it very easy to access different wholesale platforms where you can find wholesale mobile phones for attractive prices.

Wholesale Online Platforms

Merkandi is a wholesale trading platform that caters to businesses and individuals across the world. Here, you will be able to find a wholesale mobile phone supplier. The platform has country-specific portals where retailers can connect with mobile phone suppliers for bulk purchases.

Another platform that you can check is eSource. It is the largest wholesale directory in the UK where you can connect with wholesale distributors and suppliers. However, this site is UK-specific and with Brexit around the corner, buying from a local UK wholesale supplier could increase the cost of the purchase.

Many retailers believe that eSource and Merkandi are the two best options to purchase wholesale mobile phones, though both are not mobile-centric platforms. They cater to a variety of wholesale products and goods. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could access a platform that caters solely to wholesale mobile phones and has a presence across Europe? You are in luck as there is a platform that lets you get access to the best quality wholesale mobile phone in Europe with relative ease.

Getting to Know WakePhone

WakePhone is your one-stop source for wholesale mobile phones. It is a leading and reliable wholesaler for used mobile phones. You can rest assured knowing that the company sources its phones from the best carriers and phone auction houses. That ensures quality as well as consistent inventory.

The company offers bulk used and refurbished phones of leading brands, including iPhone, Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung. All phones undergo stringent testing and quality checks with PhoneCheck and then WakePhone uses its rigorous in-house grading process to ensure there are no quality issues.

WakePhone uses PhoneCheck to carry out detailed testing and this ensures that the IMEI numbers are clean and in working order. The company is also renowned for its superior customer support. Each customer gets an account manager with vast industry experience and technical knowledge to help the customer make an informed purchase decision and assist if there is a technical issue.

Why Use WakePhone for Wholesale Mobile Phone Europe Purchase?

WakePhone has warehouses across Europe, including Spain, the UK and so on. This ensures when you buy used and refurbished phones in bulk, you not only get your order fast, but you also pay minimal VAT.

In addition, all new customers making a purchase enjoy a 20% discount on the invoice amount. So, the competitive prices that WakePhone offers become even more attractive, allowing you to enjoy a higher profit margin.  Or, you can pass on the savings to your customers and ensure customer loyalty.

WakePhone also provides 60 days warranty on the used and refurbished mobile phones, and if there is an issue, you can return it to the warehouse without any hassle.

The Bottom Line Now you know where to purchase wholesale mobile phones. WakePhone is one of the best sources for used and refurbished mobile phones that stand the test of time and ensure you and your customers enjoy unsurpassable quality and support at all times.

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