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When you are looking to buy refurbished iPhone wholesale in bulk, it is important that you can distinguish between scams and real sellers. The reality is that you may end up without your money and with a smartphone that doesn’t work. So, how can you know if you’re making the deal with a good seller or if it is a scam?

Five Ways to Verify a Refurbished iPhone Wholesale Supplier

#1: Check Website Reviews:

As you probably already know, reading reviews from other people who already bought refurbished iPhones to the same company can tell you a bit more about what to expect.

While a 5-star rating is great, you shouldn’t remove a refurbished iPhone supplier from your list because he only has 4 stars. Instead, read the comments from other customers. See what they experienced and how they felt.

#2: Confirm The Company’s Contact Information:

To ensure that you are dealing with a real refurbished iPhone supplier and not with a scammer, you should always confirm both the email as well as the information the company displays on their website.

#3: Check The Company’s VAT Number Or Business Registration:

While you may have sent an email of the refurbished iPhone wholesale supplier to see if someone replied, you should ensure that the company really exists. So, you should look for its VAT number or business registration and confirm their data.

#4: The Price Of The Refurbished iPhone:

While you may be anxious to receive your refurbished iPhone, you should confirm that you are making a good deal. So, ensure that you’re not paying too much for it.

The easiest way to do this is to confirm that the price you are going to pay is near the price level charged for similar refurbished iPhones.

#5: Use PayPal:

If you confirmed everything and if all the info you got checks out, you will now need to make the payment. So, a word of advice here is to never use cash or credit card.

If you can. you should always use PayPal since the company protects buyers. So, if any problem arises and you can’t get in touch with the refurbished iPhone wholesale company, you can ask for a refund immediately on PayPal.

When looking to buy a refurbished iPhone, many people prefer to buy used phones from China. If this is your case, you may want to read this first.


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