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Why Should I source From China?

When planning to bulk buy mobile phones, a question one may ask one’s self is “where can I get used phones near me?” However, it may be smarter to outsource the buying of used phones for sale, as China boasts of the world’s largest market (both virtual and real-life). Its workers literally create tons of products on a daily basis for global shipment, and there are so many mouth-watering bargains – one of the reasons why sourcing used phones for sale from China is so popular. The choices of products one could order are almost limitless and it is possible to grab these items for only fractions of the usual cost. There are however many things to watch out for.

How To Spot A Cheater

Every business has risks, and in buying bulk mobile phones from China, there can be certain pitfalls as well. To spot a fraud supplier, it is advisable to ask for a sample shipment before buying bulk phones, which should be verified via a local third party. Also, check if the vendor has positive reviews and how long they have been in business. When you want to bulk buy mobile phones, it is advisable to do business with vendors who have been in business for over 2 years. Also check to see if the business is listed on reputable directories. In addition, cheaters generally like to attract you with low prices. Some even offer to send the goods for just 50% down. The scammer also don’t have a company email address, they use hotmail, Gmail instead or another free mail provider.

Finding Suppliers

For a small vendor who wants to bulk buy mobile phones, flying to china may not be an option.  In that case, online directories and trade portals – which in a nutshell, are websites which provide information about businesses in a particular industry or region – are the next best option. You can also search for vendors on reputable sites such as Alibaba, GlobalSources, DH gate and AliExpress.  Trade shows are also a viable option if you have the resources to visit China.  When sourcing for used phones for sale, finding a vendor who is registered in a trade show is a mark of integrity. A simple online search on Google or Bing is least advisable, yet, is still a viable option.

Verifying A Chinese Supplier

As China is the global hub of e-commerce, it is important to verify if a supplier has the ability to supply the bulk mobile phones you wish to purchase, and if the vendor has a reputable business of supplying used phones for sale. It is thus advisable to look the business up in a Chinese suppliers’ directory. Verify their financial credit worthiness by asking for their bank’s reference letters. This is an excellent way to check their track record in the supply of bulk phones or used phones for sale. You should also ask for a sample before investing in bulk phones. You may have to pay for it but this is a small price to pay for a guarantee of quality. It may also be a guarantee of integrity if the vendor has a company bank account into which you can pay. Also, it may also be helpful to check the database of the Chinese supreme court, to see if your vendor has an outstanding charge against their business, it is also a good idea for a vendor looking to bulk buy mobile phones, to run background checks on the company from which he wishes to purchase bulk mobile phones. Using a third-party authentication service such as SGS, one can easily gain access to the business’s credit report, shareholders, legal representatives, business scope, financial records, etcetera.


Differences in the way information is translated, understood and perceived can have a huge impact on clarity and understanding, and in sourcing used phones for sale from China, the language barrier can complicate communication. Remember to be crystal clear about what you’re ordering (brand, color, number etc) and have a written record of everything you’ve agreed upon.


Inspection of goods can be carried out by a third party quality control agent. You should also know about the quality control systems in place before you make your purchase of bulk mobile phones. It will also help to order small quantities before you buy cell phones in bulk.

Payment Safety

In order to guarantee your money back in case you don’t get the quality or quantity of bulk mobile phones you purchase, you should consider using a payment protection service such as Trade Assurance, offered by Alibaba. It is also advisable to never give cash directly to your supplier or buy phones in bulk from sites you do not trust. Always pay through an escrow account and ensure you have a written record of the final price agreed upon. In addition, use a trusted method such as TT, Western Union, MoneyGram and PayPal. Never use an untraceable wire service transfer, especially with vendors you do not trust. Beyond method of payment, you need to pay attention to other issues as well. Pay close attention to the trade terms, such as “FOR” or ” CIF “.

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