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Today, everyone has their own smartphone. In fact, it may be even strange or awkward to find someone who doesn’t have at least one. While carrying a smartphone with you is just like wearing shoes for most of us, no one can even question the success and popularity of the iPhone.

The truth is that Apple has always been one step ahead of the competition and they do know how to promote and sell their products, And in what concerns to the iPhone, their sales keep rising.

Unfortunately for many people, the prices charged for a new iPhone are simply too high. So, it’s normal that more and more people are looking for refurbished iPhone wholesalers just like us. After all, we all want to have an iPhone. We want to see how it works, play with it, and carry it with us all day long. More than a smartphone, an iPhone is a symbol of status that is recognized all over the world.

When you are looking to start your own local shop or online shop, you need to find a reliable refurbished iPhone supplier that knows how the market works and is able to supply you with as many iPhones you need, fast.

Why Should You Choose WakePhone As Your Refurbished iPhone Supplier?

One of the things that you need to know about WakePhone is that we have been a refurbished iPhone wholesale for many years and we continue to grow our business on a steady basis.

Ever since the beginning of our company, we have always strived to have a high-quality service at affordable prices. And we make sure that we continue this way. With this in mind, we are always trying to grow our sales network. This way, we can have a better after-sales customer service, a faster shipment, a local fulfillment center, and dedicated account managers ready to help you out on all occasions.

Just to give you a better idea of our progress and that you can be sure that you can count with our company as one of the best refurbished iPhone wholesalers.

  • We opened our first warehouse in the UK back in 2014.
  • We opened two new warehouses – one in France and the other one in Germany.
  • Last year, in 2018, we opened our Italian warehouse.

Now, as we see our Spanish customer base increasing week after week, we decided that it was time to finally have a warehouse in Spain as well.

So, we are proud to announce that we now have a Spanish warehouse that is ready to provide all the support our local customers have.

So, if you are looking to start your own business in Spain or if you already have your business but you’re looking for a reliable refurbished iPhone supplier, you can now count on WakePhone and all our collaborators. We have an intense training to ensure that all our employees are able to help you with any questions you may have.

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    France、Italy、Poland、Spain、US and Hong Kong
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