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For a vendor venturing into the e-commerce world with little or zero capital, dropshipping may be a viable strategy for penetrating the crowded global e-commerce market. Dropshipping, in simplest terms, is a retail service method in which the e-commerce vendor does not stock the products they have listed in their inventory. Instead, they purchase the item from a third party and have it shipped directly to the customer for a reasonable profit. The biggest advantage of dropshipping is probably the fact that it requires less capital to start than a typical e-commerce store or website. It is also easy to begin, thrives despite a flexible working location, is highly scalable and it creates real value for suppliers, retailers, and customers alike.

To begin dropshipping used phones from China(maybe TIPS ON BUYING USED PHONES IN BULK FROM CHINA is useful for you), or anywhere else, there are a few things to bear in mind. Firstly, you have to decide where to source inventory from, and for this, there are three options. You can use either source directly from suppliers; you can also source from Amazon, eBay or other online retailers, or utilize the opportunity of arbitrage dropshipping, which is carried out across platforms (usually at the disadvantage of the online retailer whose website is being used as a platform by the dropshipping supplier). Using Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) dropshipping model is also a useful alternative; it, however, involves payment for storage space.

Find a Wholesale Dropshipping Supplier

In choosing a wholesale dropshipping supplier for used mobile phones, it is essential to find a professional, communicative and trustworthy wholesaler. You can find trustworthy Chinese wholesale dropshipping suppliers on a store such as Alibaba, (which allows live chats between suppliers and retailers), you may also utilize wholesale websites, directories or attend trade shows. It is important to note that wholesale dropshipping websites are often not SEO optimized, hence require a little more rigorous searching to find. Furthermore, you must be convincing enough to persuade a Chinese dropshipping dealer to enter into a partnership with you, this can be done by offering to sell their used mobile phones in geographies they do not cover, optimizing their product listing for higher traffic and sales, and selling their used phones on other marketplaces and on your own web store.

Clarify Your Wholesale Business Model

The next step to take in setting up your retail or wholesale dropshipping business is to determine your business model (for example, you may opt for a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability etcetera). With that done, you must set up a business bank account (including a credit card), a business PayPal account, and find a professional to handle the business’s bookkeeping if you cannot handle this yourself, as it is very important and will save the company a lot of trouble down the line.

When your dropshipping service is launched and ready to begin selling used phones from suppliers to consumers, one smart tactic to employ to get the best deal is to open multiple chat windows with different suppliers simultaneously. Negotiate prices with each supplier, and if supplier A, for example, agrees to charge you $90, try to get supplier B to charge $85, and so forth, until you arrive at the best possible price. Another useful tip is to optimize your product listings on whichever platform you are selling on. In the business of dropshipping used mobile phones, be sure to pick a brand that people recognize and trust, this focuses your business on a niche market.

Start Wholesale Business in Online Store

It is advisable for retailers of used phones from China, using the dropshipping method of service to begin their business on a well-known web store such as Amazon or eBay, before launching their personal web store. This is advantageous because mega web stores such as those above have built a level of trust and credibility with consumers that will take a long period and effort to achieve on a new web store. Conversely, they have a low entry barrier, meaning that just about anybody can begin dropshipping used mobile phones on these platforms, the implication of which is high competition and a low profit margin. Once your wholesale dropshipping business builds stable clientele and begins to turn a profit, it is advisable to launch your own web store, in order to gain total control of all affairs concerning your business.

In essence, start small, choose a reliable supplier, build a profitable niche around a trustworthy product, diligently keep book records, value customer satisfaction and aim for high entry barrier areas which guarantee lower competition and higher profit margins. You should also use trusted payment methods in transactions with suppliers, and never an untraceable wire service transfer. This is important, especially when dealing with the first time or non-verified wholesaler.

By the way, we are sincerely looking forward to cooperatering with you.  

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