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Business stop chasing new iphone

In the 21st century, the revolution of information technology has dramatically changed people’s lives. One of them is the spread of smartphones. The success of mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei is powerful proof. There will be more advanced technology, more novel mobile phones, more phone conferences, and more carnival crowds.

After the era of NOKIA, the pace of Apple’s renewal has not stopped. From iPhone 4 to the current iPhone XR, I’m amazed at the innovative ability and industrial aesthetics that Steve Jobs led. Smartphones are mobile ‘computers’ which enables a truly mobile internet world. People can keep connected to the world from anywhere, anytime. Smartphones change people’s lives, including me. I’m always chasing Apple’s latest products, such as new iPhone, iPad, Mac and iWatch and I know there will be more.

It’s hard to chase new things all the time. After a while, the question jumped into my mind naturally: why do I always buy a new iPhone? For advanced technology, stylish look or my personality.

To figure this out, I try to sort out my thoughts from my own demand. I need to use my mobile phone to communicate with the outside world to connect with people and to find useful information. The evolution of communication has gone through letters-telegrams-telephone and text messages-online video talk. The evolution of the search has gone through from book review to online search. In order to achieve the demand above all, it is undeniable that the smartphone fully meets my needs. But it’s easy to overlook that any smartphone can meet the requirements. Despite the accidents and long-term wear and tear that make a phone unusable, what is the significance of chasing new iPhone? Thinking about this issue has become more and more interesting.

After lots of online searches, I have to admit that I was really affected by the bandwagon effect. People are influenced by the consensus thoughts or actions of the majority, and follow the thoughts or behaviors of the public. Obviously, most of my friends use the latest models of iPhones. In fact, I just don’t want to fall behind, it feels bad unlike others. I start to know clearly about myself and want to see how others think about such problems.

After asking my family and some of my friends about Apple, I got following several points.

First of all, it must be admitted that Apple’s product quality is better than Android products. Apple’s fully self-developed operating system provides an excellent and smooth experience. The appearance has always been the object of imitation by other mobile phone manufacturers. Market performance explains how the company has gained global recognition.

Secondly, in terms of functional use, in addition to the appearance, no one found a big difference, comparing iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

The last reason is a bit funny. Quite a few friends replied that there is no specific reason. In order to catch up with the popular, because it’s new and so on.

I found the problem: Many people can’t understand their real demands clearly. Going back to the starting point of personal needs, it makes no sense to chase for chase new iPhone all the time. Please try to find what you need actually and stop chasing the latest iPhone.

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