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Used phones are pre-owned handsets that are sent back by customers either because they were faulty or simply sold on by the original owner. Usually, used phones are checked and if necessary, repaired to full working order for resale.

Used phones won’t generally have the original packaging and may not come will all the accessories. However, they are usually tested and come with a warranty.

Most people prefer phones that have been refurbished by manufacturers since they guarantee a higher standard, even though they are not easy to come by. In the case of iPhones, they are called ‘certified pre-owned’ iPhones. They are usually sent back to Apple by customers under a returns policy or for repair.

A grade A mobile phone, though not new, is still fully functional just like a new one. As a matter of fact, it is possible to get a older model for a lower price without sacrificing functionality. So by getting a used phone, you can actually save some money.

These used phones are normally given a “grade” by retailers. According to Trading Standards, these grades are not set independently. So quality typically varies.

Below are the different types of used phone grades:

Grade A Mobile Phones

Grade A mobile phones work like a new one. These phones are usually tested and certified based on four criteria, which includes functionality, cleaning, inspection, and repackaging.

Grade B Mobile Phones

Grade B mobile phones also work like a new phone. They arrive clean and are free of water damage. The phone will show light signs of wear, but free from cracks and dents.

Grade C Mobile Phones

Expect Grade C mobile phones to have scratch and dent. Though they are 100% functional and will arrive with a screen free of cracks. They evidently shows signs of use. They also comes with a warranty.

When buying a used phone, one of the most important things to consider is the warranty that comes with it. This protects you just in case it develops any fault. Fortunately, almost all used phones come with a warranty, though the length and who provides it varies. Whoever sells the phone usually provides the warranty and you can go to them directly if there is any fault, though you have rights with the retailer too. The warranty usually lasts a year for Grade A mobile Phones, but it can be less for Grade B and C mobile phones. Before buying a used mobile phone, it is important to know if the warranty is provided by a retailer, if so, then that is who you will be dealing with if there is any issue. Also, keep in mind that warranties vary in duration and also depend on the grade of the used phone.

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