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In recent times, mobile phone users who fancy quality and class above other mobile devices have their eyes on various Samsung devices per release cycle. Meanwhile, Samsung has been keeping their loyal customers happy by paying attention to feedback and iterating to market needs.

The steady rise in the demand of Samsung phones has triggered the opening of an unfulfilled niche market. A good number of Samsung device addicts have been unable to afford new high-end Samsung series. The high cost of Samsung phones hasn’t in any way dampened their enthusiasm. They had rather own a used Samsung phone than an alternate product. A loyal Samsung clientele base has created a vast global market for used wholesale Samsung phones. Used Samsung phones come with (manageable) risks for all parties buyers.

 A good number of wholesale Samsung phone vendors have been struggling to tap into this boiling market and rake in a good profit. To enjoy a good return on investment (ROI), wholesale dealers must understand precisely how to get good wholesale Samsung phones at cheap rates while also being assured of the integrity of the Samsung phones and their suitability for users worldwide irrespective of their telecommunication provider configuration.

Having had the unfortunate experience of being fleeced of my hard earned money on one of the popular e-commerce platforms, I understand why most customers are often reluctant to purchase used wholesale Samsung phones over the internet.

What to check for before purchasing wholesale Samsung phones


most used phones bought over the internet are not reliable. Some operate on the Chinese mobile band which is not compatible with other countries, so buyers are often restricted to the 2G band. Others experience Chinese censorship, which doesn’t allow users to access apps and websites banned in China.


some used Samsung phones don’t have spares in the countries they are shipping to. So once any part fails, the phone is rendered useless. Ensure you can locally source spare parts for the wholesale Samsung phones you’re purchasing. Alternately ask your supplier if they offer support for sourcing spare parts.


The good news is that this is the age of e-commerce and dropshipping, they bad news is that the delivery of e-commerce goods can be incredibly slow and unnerving because most suppliers intentionally chose slow and cheap shipping methods while others get caught up with mixed inventories. Ask your supplier about their shipping methods and duration.


a lot of suppliers are outright scammers while others are not thorough with screening their products. So they end up selling defective phones to their customers. If a supplier doesn’t offer a warranty on their products, the buyers bear all the risks, which is unsustainable.


for some wholesale Samsung phone suppliers, once payment is made,  business is over. The clients have to wait out the shipping duration with minimal feedback. Reports of defective products also take forever to be answered. If you want a supplier that checks all the boxes with real-time support; 60-days RMA warranty; multiple oversea warehouses to ensure you receive your supplies on time; high-quality hand graded phones; and an easy payment method,  wakephone is your trusted supplier.

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