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Buying used wholesale mobile phones  is a risky venture for uninitiated dealers, it could sink or buoy your business, it requires careful attention  to details on the buyer’s path. Here are checking steps you need to take to buy wholesale used mobile phones:

  1. Understand the supplier: who is your supplier, what do previous customers say about their service delivery? What is their refund and warranty policy? What is their quality of internal governance? Do they sell refurbished or certified pre-owned phones? Understanding your wholesale used phones supplier and their business model will give you clarity and set the tone for what to expect. As a rule of thumb, don’t buy from any online wholesale phone seller that doesn’t offer some sort of warranty or return policy. At Wakephone, we offer 60-Days warranty – with our simple RMA return process.
  2. Scratches: Scratches are normal with used wholesale phones, the real deal breaker should be structural or functional damage to phones. At Wakephone, we have three tiers of used wholesale phones. Our Grade A products come with no visible scratches or scuffs on housing and phone screens, which will give you the experience of using new phones. Our Grade B phones appearance  matches top US suppliers’ A grade.  Most of our  clients prefer  our B grade to our A grade’s, because it is a bit cheaper but not much different with respect to look and feel.
  3. Functionality: Some wholesale sellers sell phones that are not working, locked, or has some other issue. At Wakephone, every phone has been fully tested by our professional technicians and phone testing software as well, and works 100%. All used devices undergo detailed test by the PhoneCheck system to ensure all IMEI numbers are clean and no single device features will be neglected. All phones are unlocked, clean, no contracts and ready to go.
  4. PhoneCheck system: At Wakephones, we use an automated system to check the full functionality of your phones, in partnership with Phonecheck, we run comprehensive, automated, and full-proof  tests on phones to determine their true state. The Phonecheck system diagnostics cover:
  • bluetooth Connectivity
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • GPS / Location Services
  • Chargeport
  • Battery Health
  • Battery Discharge
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Vibrations
    • Functionality & Strength
  • Button Functionality
    • Power
    • Home
    • Volume Up
    • Volume Down
    • Menu Button (Android)
    • MultiTask Button (Android)
    • Back Button (Android)
    • Flipswitch (IOS)
  • Microphone (Rest)
  • Microphone (Active)
  • Video Microphone (Rest)
  • Video Microphone (Active)
  • Front Microphone / SIRI Mic (IOS)
  • Headset Port
  • Headset [Left & Right]
  • Image Capture
    • Front Camera & Front Camera Quality​
    • Rear Camera, Rear Camera Quality, Rear Camera Flash
    • Telephoto Lens & Dual Camera (if applicable)
    • Video Recorder
  • Glass Condition​
  • LCD
  • LCD Backlight
  • Digitizer
  • Force Touch, 3D Touch
  • Dead Pixels
  • Touch ID & Fingerprint Sensor
  • Face ID
  • Spen
    • Spen Removal​
    • Spen Hover
    • Spen Touch
    • Spen Soft Keys
  • Test Call w/ SIMs​
  • Edge Screen (Android)
  • Accelerometer
  • Screen Rotation
  • Network Unlock
  • FMI/FRP/Google/Samsung/Android Lock
  • MDM Detection
  • Jailbreak & Rooting Detection

5. Price: We saved our best tip for the last, you’re definitely buying used phones because it will be cheaper, check for the best deal without making a tradeoff with quality. A used phone should save at least 40% off the brand new’s cost. Go ahead and have a great shopping experience with our tips.

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