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Tianfeng Securities: The first batch of iPhone 13 orders expect to reach 90 million, far ahead of the previous generation

Business The first batch of iPhone 13 orders expect to reach 90 million

Last month, the new iPhone 13 series has been on sale globally. Judging from the current sales situation, the four new models are undoubtedly very popular with everyone. The delivery date of the order placed on the official website is now one month later. Due to the impressive sales situation, institutions also have higher hopes for the iPhone 13. In the latest report of Tianfeng Securities, it estimates that the first batch of orders for the iPhone 13 series will reach 90 million units in 2021. This number is comparable to this. Last year''''s 80 million was much higher.

Recently, there are news that the out-of-stock problem of the Vietnam factory may drag down the sales performance of iPhone 13 in 2021.

In this regard, Tianfeng Securities mentioned in the report that they believe that the short-term production is affected by the suspension of the Vietnam epidemic, which lead to the shortage of parts and components. It expects to be alleviated in mid-October. At present, China’s domestic dual control of energy consumption + power curtailment and production limit will affect Apple The supply chain impact is relatively limited.

Analysts predict that Apple''''s production in the fourth quarter is expected to return to the traditional peak season level, which is mainly due to Apple''''s strong supply chain management capabilities + the gradual relief of the Vietnam epidemic.

Due to the iPhone 13''''s strategy of increasing the volume and reducing the price, the sales volume after the launch is very impressive. Coupled with the obvious lack of high-end Android devices, these reasons have jointly promoted the sales performance of the iPhone 13. Therefore, the performance of this series will surpass the iPhone 12.

Analysts said.

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