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A Quick Guide to Grading Wholesale Refurbished iPhones

Business A Quick Guide to Grading Wholesale Refurbished iPhones

As a phone wholesaler, you might once have that confusion: What is refurbished iPhone grading mean? Why are the grade names of each wholesale supplier different? The grading system in wholesale refurbished iPhone business help you understand the product you are purchasing. Refurbished iPhone grades denote the quality of the device depending on almost one factor: Cosmetic Condition.

    What do the Grades Mean?

    Grade is a standardized grading system, which informs you of what to expect from a refurbished iPhone wholesale.

    Refurbished Grade A

    The refurbished iPhone grading condition of Grade A is the best among the rest. Offering the highest quality than Grades B and C, these devices are the closest to mint condition. Apart from minimal signs of previous usage, you can expect that the battery and performance are at a pretty status.

    Refurbished Grade B

    The refurbished grade B iPhones have slight differences from Grade A. Although you can expect that the phone is free of deep dents and cracks, the wearing signs are visible.

    Refurbished Grade C

    Refurbished grade C iPhones are in good condition. Although with visible signs of use, they are ideal for people looking to enjoy an iOS device’s features at a fraction of its costs.

    Do All Refurbished Wholesalers Use the Same Grading System?

    Although their description seems to be almost the same, not every supplier uses the same the grading standards for their refurbished phones. Therefore, it is essential to read the terms of the refurbished iPhone grades before purchasing.

    How Does QuickMobileFix, PhoenixCellular Grade Their Phones?

    Popular refurbished iPhone websites like QuickMobileFix and PhoenixCellular use almost the same terms, but differing with some descriptions:

    Quick Mobile Fix: Grading System

    The refurbished iPhone grading condition gets divided into three levels:


    Grading Level

    Cosmetic Condition

    Device Condition


    Mint condition, no signs of wear, “as if it is straight out of the factory.”

    Looks like a new phone


    Minor blemishes that can go unnoticed unless you inspect closely (light marks on aluminum casing and sides, slight scratches), almost good as new.

    Very good Condition


    Noticeable scratches and scuffing on the aluminum casing and sides, marks on the buttons

    Good Condition


    Obvious scratches, scuffs, or dents.

    Worn Condition

    Phoenix Cellular: Grading System

    The refurbished iPhone grading condition gets divided into four levels:


    Grading Level

    Cosmetic Condition

    Device Condition

    Grade A Pristine 

    No significant damages to the device

    Free from any signs of wear, everything is fully functional.

    Grade A

    It contains minor scratches on the bezels, but there are no deep cracks and dents.

    Excellent Condition; light wear and tear

    Grade B

    Noticeable scratches and scuffing on the aluminum casing and sides, light marks on the bezel

    Minor signs of use, fully functional

    Grade C

    No heavy cracks, scratches, and scuffing

    Average wear and tear with working essential functions and internal parts

    How Does Wakephone Grade Their Refurbished Phones?

    At Wakephone, each phone has passed the test of our professional technicians with phone testing software and 100% works. So, Wakephone grade the refurbished iPhone into A+, A, B and C, simply based on their cosmetic appearance. Check details about Wakephone grading>>>

    Each phone from Wakephone has passed the tests and 100% works

    Grade A+

    Refurbished iPhones are often incorporated with a fresh battery, as well as housing to ensure a seamless performance that is almost good as new. Grade A+ refurbished iPhones have no signs of the previous usage, so there are often no scratches, dents, and scuffing.

    Grade A

    Grade A refurbished iPhones are in excellent condition with little to no damages. Without performing close inspections, these devices appear flawless. There are minimal signs of use.

    Grade B

    Grade B refurbished phones may carry moderate or slightly noticeable dents, but these scars are often irrelevant when it comes to the operation of the smartphone.

    Grade C

    Grade C refurbished iPhone is the lowest among these grades. They appear to have been used, signs of wear on the housing may be obvious, but they function well. Because Wakephone will not sell any devices with damaged functions.


    All the refurbished iPhone devices are tested and disinfected before shipping. For small wholesalers and retailers, you can order minimum pieces of 5. Wakephone grading scales can help you decide on your purchase. For more information about Wakephone’s refurbished iPhone grades, head to this page.


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