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It goes without saying that losing or breaking your iPhone can be frustrating and disheartening. An iPhone is not merely a cultural icon, but also a status symbol that people like to be seen with. So, if you do not have the budget to repair your broken iPhone or you do not have the financial means to replace a lost or stolen, exacerbates the situation.

After all, these phones do not come cheap. Thankfully, you can depend on China-boxed refurbished iPhones that will not break the bank if you are looking to replace a broken or lost iPhone.

Understanding the Meaning of Refurbished iPhone

People often mix up used and refurbished. A used iPhone is sold as is, but with restored software. On the other hand, a refurbished iPhone means it undergoes a series of diagnostic tests to ensure it conforms to the sellable condition standard.

In some cases, these iPhone may have been broken and then fixed while in the others these are returned iPhones. Depending on where you buy the iPhone, a refurbished one could come with the factory-refurbished warranty.

Today, a lot of people opt for China-boxed refurbished iPhones as they are cheaper than buying a brand new one. However, you need to be careful when purchasing the iPhone from a third-party seller. If you understand the secrets of these China-boxed refurbished iPhones, you will be in a better position to make an informed buying decision.

The Components of Refurbished iPhone

The quality of a refurbished iPhone is different from a brand new one as the quality of the components used in the phone is not that high. Some of the essential components that go into the making of an iPhone include:

  • Motherboard
  • Back cover
  • LCD screen
  • Camera lens
  • Lightning port
  • Battery
  • Accessories, such as earphone, power adapter, and lightning cable

You can even get a refurbished iPhone in its original box or in a generic phone box. It all depends on the type of refurbished phone you purchase and from where. Most refurbished iPhones packaged in China have the following.

iPhone Motherboard

This, perhaps, is the most important component of an iPhone. The quality of the motherboard determines how well your refurbished iPhone functions. The motherboard in refurbished phones are categorized as follows:

  • Grade A: This refers to the original motherboard and hence, does not have any soldering, water damage or repair issues. Such a motherboard is expensive and hence, the iPhone too will be higher priced.
  • Grade B: While here the motherboard is original, it may have been repaired at some stage. As a result, it may function normally but could develop a rare glitch, resulting in stability issues.
  • Grade C: Here, the motherboard is original, but not included with the rest of the phone. Instead, it is sold separately as the phone may have sustained damage or developed an issue. So, the motherboard is taken out and sold as a separate product. Of course, just like Grade B motherboards, the Grade C too could be unstable, resulting in the phone overheating or having baseband problems.

iPhone Back Cover

The iPhone back cover too is categorized in refurbished iPhones and will determine the look and feel of the phone and its functioning.
  • Original Back Cover: Here, the back cover is the original one and hence, you do not have to worry about scratches and blemishes on the bezel or the cover. You will find that the SIM card tray is completely compatible and fits seamlessly into the back cover.
  • Grade A: Also known as high copy back cover, the Grade A back cover is made using original material. The flaw lies in the SIM card tray, as it affects the fitting when the tray is inserted.
  • Grade B: You may not want a refurbished iPhone with a Grade B back cover. Not only will the color not be the same as the original back cover color, but it will also be of poor quality and with fitting issues when you insert the SIM card tray.

iPhone LCD

You can get three types of LCD in refurbished iPhones. The types are explained below:
  • Original LCD and Digitizer: This LCD is sold by official Apple parts manufacturers and hence, they of the best possible quality. In the refurbished phone, you will find that the entire LCD and flex cable are original and hence, they function optimally.
  • Aftermarket LCD: Here, the LCD is original, but the IC flex cable, bezel, and digitizer are made in China. In this LCD, you may have an issue with the touch feature. Since just the LCD is original and all other components are made in China, there will be issues with quality. You may have a black spot and face uneven color and brightness. The made-in-China IC chip could malfunction.
  • High-Copy LCD Made in China: All components, including the LCD, bezel, flex cable and digitizer, there will be issues with light leak, touch, color, and brightness. You may also find that the LCD overheats and becomes unstable. The only plus point is the price, which is cheap.

iPhone Camera Lens

You can click amazing photos and selfies with the iPhone. However, when it comes to refurbished iPhones, you need to be careful about the camera lens. Usually, these phones have two types.
  • Original Camera Lens: The refurbished iPhone can have the original iSight camera module at the rear. It is composed of 200 parts and hence, has a complicated design. Such a camera lens ensures excellent quality images.
  • Aftermarket Camera Lens: Here, the components will be taken from an old iPhone and then treated with a chemical before being reassembled into the refurbished phone. Hence, you may have an issue with watermarks on the photos.

iPhone Lightning Port

The Lightning port on the iPhone is responsible for charging the battery. So, you will want one that ensures fast charging. In a refurbished iPhone, you can have two types of Lightning port. They are:
  • Original Lightning Port: As the name suggests, it is an original Lightning port and hence, is completely compatible with the refurbished phone and will ensure fast charging of the battery.
  • Aftermarket Lightning Port: While it will be 100% compatible with the iPhone, it will not offer a stable connection and could have debris and other contaminants that have an effect on the speed of charging.
  • High-Copy Lightning Port: This Lightning port is made in China and contains Chinese IC chipset. Hence, it will have compatibility issues with original Apple accessories, particularly if you upgrade the iOS in the future.

iPhone Battery

In a refurbished iPhone that is assembled and package in China, you may find one of the following batteries:
  • Original Battery: The phone will have the original battery with the standard capacity. You will not have to worry about swelling or overheating. The battery life will be normal, based on your usage.
  • High-Capacity Battery: This battery is made in China and the original IC has been hacked it. While the flex cable is original, the battery capacity will be higher than that of an original iPhone battery.
  • High-Copy Battery: Since this battery is of low quality, it will drain quickly. You may also have to contend with swelling and overheating.

iPhone Accessories

A refurbished iPhone assembled in China may have one of the following:
  • Original Accessories: All the accessories, like the charging adapter, charging cable and earphone will be original and hence, they will be completely compatible with the iPhone.
  • MFI-Compatible Accessories: The charging adapter, earphone and charging cable will be the same as the originals and will be MFI-certified.
  • High-Copy Accessories: While you may find that all the accessories look original, the IC chipset is designed and manufactured in China. As a result, you will have to deal with incompatibility when you upgrade the iOS.

iPhone Packaging

You can get refurbished iPhones in three types of packaging. They are as follows:
  • Original Packaging: As the name suggests, the packaging will be original and therefore, the protection and printed material on the box will outstanding.
  • High-Copy Packaging: While the packaging will look original, you may find that the printed material is not clear and sharp like the original. Also, the box quality and protection will not be premium.
  • Neutral Packaging: This refers to generic packaging and usually, the vendor will package it based on the needs of the customer.

Final Words

As you can see, China-boxed refurbished iPhones come in numerous grades. So, if you are looking for quality, always go with a refurbished iPhone that comes with all original parts and components. Anything else will affect the performance and functioning of the iPhone. Feel free to contact us to get you suitable China boxed refurbished iPhone

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