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Top of the end Huawei mobile phones are getting costlier. Some cost as much as a high-end PC.

An average Huawei phone user doesn’t need all the latest cutting edge hardware features, built into newer versions.

And most Huawei enthusiasts are not bothered buying used phones behind the curve, especially if they can get a great deal.

This has created a high demand for used wholesale Huawei mobile phones worldwide.  Especially in countries with low purchasing power.

Here are 6 secrets to getting a great deal on used  wholesale  Huawei mobile phones :

  1. Check and recheck: Credible wholesale Huawei used phone dealers sell refurbished phones. Meaning professional technicians checked the devices for structural defects. While phone checking software like phonecheck checked for hidden faults. If you don’t trust your wholesale Huawei phones dealer’s screening, you have to check for defects manually. Phonecheck also restores the device to pre-factory conditions.
  2. Buy at a fair price: The is no point buying used Wholesale Huawei mobile phones if you’re not getting a great deal on price. Before settling for a supplier, check across other online stores. Since demand drives the price, the will be a convergence across platforms. Compare prices on platforms like eBay, Alibaba, and Amazon.
  3. Research: They are lots of online stores to buy used wholesale Huawei mobile phones. Each comes with a different warranty and return policy. Research the policies of your chosen platform before putting money down. If you’re buying wholesale used Huawei phones for the first time from an unverified supplier, don’t place a massive order. Test their quality by ordering the minimum order quantity. If you get burnt, the loss will be minimal.
  4. Support: From sales to delivery, and usage, many things can go wrong. Ask support about the details of their product. The broadband it runs on. Do the phones run on a censored operating system? Can the phone parts be locally sourced if they go bad? Do they offer spare parts support? Do your due diligence before you commit your hard earned cash.
  5. Inspect immediately upon receipt: Most suppliers have under 60-days return policies. Once you get your products quickly check for defective samples. Inform support about faulty products and return them within the return-policy deadline.
  6. Know when to buy: The best time to buy a recent model at the cheapest rate is right after the release of its successor.  That is when early adopters sell off the previous generation of their Huawei smartphones. The excess supply drives a dip in price.

If you’re looking for a credible supplier that ticks all the boxes, contact us with live chat or send us an email at [email protected]

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