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Buying mobile phones wholesale is a fantastic way to get a great deal, especially when purchasing second-hand or wholesale. Still, it is necessary to be careful about the version of the smartphone you are buying. International versions of phones can vary significantly, so it is essential to understand these differences when wholesaling cell phones.

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The Importance of Mobile Versions

Smartphones built for different markets have different features that make it best suited for the market in which it is intended to be sold. The phone warranty may be specific to one area, as well as the power voltage capacity and some of the firmware features. Ordering from a reputable supplier usually ensures that an international phone will still work with domestic service providers.

Different Features of the iPhone

Indeed, the most iconic of all smartphones, the iPhone, is quite different across the world. For example, phones sold in the Middle East restrict where and with what carriers FaceTime can be used. The Japanese version cannot turn the camera shutter sound off.

There are many different generations of the iPhone, each with varying functions between versions, so make sure you know what you are buying with wholesale phones.

Different Features of Samsung Phones

International versions of Samsung phones are also not without their differences. Because of differences in firmware, Samsung phones may have more differences, depending on the generation. For example, the Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier US version uses the Snapdragon processor and Locked Bootloader, whereas the International version has Exynos and Unlocked Bootloader.

These may sound like small differences, but they make a pretty big difference in the operation of the phones themselves.

How to avoid issues

Wholesaling phones from trusted mobile wholesale suppliers can be enormously helpful when ordering international mobiles. There are likely to be differences, but when you buy from a reputable supplier, like Wakephone, you will be in the skilled hands of experts who can guide you through your different options.

We source directly from top tier carriers. Our grading system will allow you to pick the quality of wholesale cell phones you would like and be confident that there will be no surprises. Get in touch with us today for a vast range of quality wholesale smartphones.

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