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According to the recent reports made on mobile phone sales in Europe, there are nearly 60000 old cell phones recycled day by day through the appropriate channels. The insurance companies in the United State bought 20% of the old cell phones. On the other hand, the remaining 80% of old cell phones will enter the Hong Kong Auction House. From here, the old cell phones will reach all over the world with the help of the auction bidding.

The Chinese brand Huawei has helped its co-product HONOR to grow because of its massive 70% year on year growth. In the same case, you should know that Xiaomi and OPPO are also strengthening their roots in the mobile phone market in Europe quite aggressively. Surprisingly, the sales of the iPhone brand have declined in the European market.

The used mobile phone wholesale customers can face problems due to these ups and downs in the European mobile phone market. They would love to get in touch with a website or platform that can help them to buy used mobile phones in bulk quickly.  However, it can become quite difficult to determine which website can buy mobile phones that are used in a heavy amount.

Websites that can buy used mobile phones in heavy amounts 

Without any doubt, you can browse WakePhone in the same situation. This company is one of the leading and reliable used mobile phone wholesale distributors from Hong Kong. The company consistently distributes stock in the Hong Kong, Europe and the UK. You get the marginal VAT from the company so that you can experience a good time with them.

As a used mobile phones wholesale supplier, WakePhone deals in the used mobile phones of the brands Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, and iPhone. The company claims to source ensure the consistent quantities as it directly receives the used phones through the auction houses.  Moreover, you need to know that the company is providing a special offer for new customers.

The new customers of this company can try to contact it by placing a sample order. Due to the exceptional works and records in the same mobile phone market, you can give them a mark of the best used mobile phone wholesaler.

The other websites to buy used mobile phone wholesale as below:

Merkandi is yet another reliable platform which is known for providing the used mobile phones in bulk if you are looking to contact the used mobile phones wholesaler and supplier, you can give preference to them as well. If you want to get in touch with them, you can browse this https://merkandi.com/  right now without any doubt. This website can buy cheap used mobile phones wholesale to meet the demands of the customers.

We moreover introduce you to https://www.esources.co.uk/  which is yet another reliable and leading platform for the customers. In terms of purchasing the used mobile phones in bulk, this company has gained skyrocketing popularity in the recent past time. You can browse the mentioned above website to collect further details about the available services and packages availed by the company.

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