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How do you get the refurbished iphone you want to sell? Two of the usual methods are dropshipping and wholesale. However, there are many problems when you have two choices. Which option is more suitable for your refurbished iPhone business plan?

Is it possible to become the refurbished phone wholesale dropshipper? In order to make the right choice, it is important to unravel the differences between drop shipping and wholesale. Let’s take a look at the following more details of each method.

What is refurbished iphone wholesale

iPhone wholesale refers to the process of purchasing a large number of iphones to obtain a discounted price of the supplier and selling it to the customer at a higher price. Wholesale is a good choice for business owners of refurbished iphone because it is simple.

Buying iphone wholesale is a low-risk business model. First, the refurbished you purchased is already on the market. In addition, you don’t have to buy refurbished iphones, the minimum order quantity depends on the manufacturer and the product, and they are generally reasonable.


You can manage the quality of refurbished iphone wholesale and logistics services. After-sale service is also included.


Refurbished iphone inventory maybe would be a potential problem and which would give a pressure on cash flow.

What is refurbished iphone dropship

Refurbished iphone dropship sales is the process of selling iphones directly to customers that are not in stock. Mobile phone dropshippier relies on third-party mobile phone providers to receive orders and send them directly to customers. Amazon is the best example of using a landing transport business.


No need to purchase refurbished iphone in advance or manage inventory and worry if sell your phone successfully. Suppliers help manage deliver service.


It will be troublesome once something goes wrong after sale. You have to think about how to deal with returned refurbished iphone.
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