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If you are looking for reliable refurbished iPhone dropshipping wholesalers in the UK to support your e-commerce startup, you may be wondering where or even how you should start your search.

The dropshipping e-commerce model is certainly one of the most promising business ideas around, since it requires limited resources and little to no investment to get going. But, the success of your venture is heavily dependent on the quality of the service being provided by your dropshipping supplier. This company is, after all, the one that will be storing and physically delivering the phones to your customers.

Here’s an interesting statistic to keep in mind: about 90 percent of dropshipping startups fail during their first month. Often, these failures are due to the fact that the chosen dropshippers were not what they claimed to be, nor were they providing the service they claimed they would.

For this reason it is so important to find a verified dropshipping wholesaler as opposed to just picking whatever seems like the best deal. Realize that there are a lot of scammers out there– countless “middlemen” who will try to convince you that their prices and services are tops. Plus, there are loads of fake directories and reviews sites that will be more than happy to list these operations (as long as they’ve paid their “advertising fee”).

So, if you want to find quality dropshipping suppliers for mobile phone resale and ensure that you are truly buying a refurbished iPhone with the specs it claims to have and the condition it claims to be in, then you need first to learn how to spot fake wholesalers and dropshippers. Here are some key clues to look out for:

They provide few or suspicious-looking contact details.

A reputable dropshipping company will prominently display their phone number, email address, and physical address on their website. They may also provide other communication alternatives, such as online chat and social media accounts.

They have little to no operational history.

While some dropshipping suppliers may just be new, you ideally want a refurbished iPhone wholesaler that has a proven track record. Ask peers for recommendations, and scour the Internet for any customer complaints.

They are selling the same phones to the public.

If a wholesale supplier is simultaneously running its own direct e-commerce business, then chances are they are not true wholesalers. They’re likely middlemen who will pass along orders to legitimate suppliers while tacking on a “surcharge” that will cut into your profit margins.

They ask you for money upfront.

If a dropshipping supplier asks for a membership fee or any kind of prepayment, then walk away. Legitimate suppliers accept payments as orders are processed.

So, given that dropshipping fraud is so common, where can you go to find verified dropshipping suppliers in the UK for refurbished mobile phones?

Aside from asking for recommendations from friends and peers you trust, you could turn to third party platforms. Ideally, you are looking for an objective, independent platform that can connect you to reliable and verified companies, and the truth is you have a few options. First, there are several reputable online trade directories of verified wholesale dropshippers, such as eSources, BigCommerce, and Wholesale Deals that you could go through. Alternatively, you could join a wholesale network, like Cellpex. The best thing about platforms such as these is that they will often do the quality vetting for you.

The bottom line is if you want your UK- based refurbished iPhone dropshipping business to have the greatest chances for success, then you need to be partnered with the right suppliers, and that means keeping your eyes open. If a deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t something you want to accept.

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