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As a used phone retailer who wants to drive sales after used phone wholesale, it’s necessary to expand sales channels. Maybe you’re good at a single way or used to a fixed place. However, nothing stays like Amazon’s challenge towards Walmart. You also need to explore a new way to survive or become stronger than before. The 4 ways on used phone driving sales introduce some new ideas to you.

Third-party websites

No one doesn’t know Amazon. The huge traffic creates a blocky global market. There are also many different and excellent third-party websites in Europe, such as Cdicount, Darty and Fnac. E-commerce platform also gets a big progress in Africa. Jumia, as the leader of online business in Africa, lists on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. The pace of globalization of Internet trade is still moving forward. What you need to do is find out the proper one and get started. There’s one point you have to pay attention is to follow the rule of selling used phone online.

Good places:

  1. 1. Huge traffic. You can reach lots of customers who are not available on other channels.
  2. 2. Brand effect. Promote your own brand quickly on a third party website.
  3. 3. Easy to get a customer’s trust.
  4. 4. Use all the tools provided by the website.

Bad place:

Too many competitors and high cost make trouble. Sometimes their troublesome rules drive people crazy.

Self-built Website

You can build a website or create an online store on the third-party platform. As known to us all, Shopify is a good place for people to start an online business who have no idea about IT knowledge. 11 Best Open Source and Free Ecommerce Platforms for 2019 the best online shopping websites maybe works for your business. Perhaps you sell used iphone on eBay or Amazon, it will be a nice try to start on your own site. Anker is a good example which has their own site when they sell on Amazon at the same time. We sold on eBay and did used phone wholesale before. But now we build wakephone.com to do it by ourselves.

It increases the ranking of your site when you keep working on SEO according to Google principles. You can also keep updating the blog to make the community active. What’s more, it gains more traffic through Google Advertisement and Adverting Alliance.

Good places:

  1. 1. Formulate rules and policies by yourself.
  2. 2. Stimulate customer’s data to analyze and resell.
  3. 3. Control every part from the sale, delivery to after-sale service.
  4. 4. Spread your brand in an efficient way.

Bad place:

Works alone make you exhausted which means you need a team soon or later. IT is a difficult part when you meet technology problem. Professional IT staff is required.

Social media

Social media gets people connected and provides a platform for people to communicate. It gathers people to create a community who has the same interest. There are many different social platforms.

You can attract fans by sharing content in good quality no matter video, article and even live show. The platform also uses advertisement system to promote.

Good places:

  1. 1. Meet different marketing targets. Online activities, product implantation, market research, viral marketing, etc.
  2. 2. Reduce marketing costs. Community member’s participation in high-quality content, interactivity can easily deepen the perception of brands and products.
  3. 3. Accurate marketing of target users. You can choose different places and target potential customers.
  4. 4. Social network marketing is a way to truly meet the needs of web users. Participation, sharing, and interaction meet the trend of network marketing development.

Bad places:

It takes a long time to stimulate, especially when you have no fans in the beginning. Both keep sharing regularly and produce content in good-quality are tough and prerequisite.

In summary

Everyone has Facebook, and one or some other accounts for life. I regard it as an individual social network system. You should build the system for your business when it grows. You should use the above sites flexibly and analyze to grasp the point and find where you are good at. The point is driving and boosting your used phone business. If you want to find out anything about used phone, review our blogs or leave your question below.

Wakephone—-we’re always your used phone business partner.

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