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The upgrading of mobile phone is so fast that the eliminated used mobile phones are recycled and accumulated in the second-hand mobile phone market. According to the statistics, the more developed area the greater the purchasing power of used phones. The booming used phone market has also spawned many online and offline used phone retailers.

As a retailer, how to choose a used mobile phone wholesaler is important. Here are what you need to know before the first cooperation with a supplier.

The grading standard

Different suppliers might have various standards about the used mobile phone, make sure to know about the details. Take us as an example, GRADE A, also considered as A+, like-new quality; GRADE B, 1-2 tiny scratches; GRADE C, moderate scratches.

Logistics service

Make sure the supplier’s common used shipping logistics methods and the time efficiency of delivery are suitable for you.

First cooperation

The first time you place an order from a used mobile phone wholesaler, it is recommended to order a small amount as a try, 10 or 20 pieces, confirm the quality of the products first.

Ensure payment security

Before confirming your payment, please make sure the used mobile phone wholesaler is reliable and trusted.

About Wakephone

-We’re one of the top used mobile phone wholesale suppliers in Europe and America.

-The high quality of products is our way to build up the brand reputation. When there is no high-quality used mobile phone on the market, we rather stop supplying than deceive you with bad quality products.

– The price of used mobile phone is changed every day, we will provide the most favorable and affordable price based on the latest market quoted price.

-Contrast with used mobile phones in the same grade, the quality of ours is one of the best in the market, and we provide a 60-day warranty. If the phones have any quality faults in 2 months(except man-made sabotage), we accept the return and replacement.

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    France、Italy、Poland、Spain、US and Hong Kong
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