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Business refurbished iphones

Wakephone only works with top tier carriers and R2 certified suppliers in order to make sure all the devices we are wholesaling are clean and coming from a legitimate source. 

More than that, all our refurbished or overhauled iPhones are tested by software, PhoneCheck Pro. PhoneCheck Pro works closely with Wakephone in order to make sure every handset is unlocked and sanitised. That means all the refurbished iPhones or Android Phones you are trading with us are completely unlocked and no surprised on any ESN results. Meanwhile, we make sure all the phones are thoroughly wiped with three-pass overwrite verification to make sure data erasures is safe.

Besides, we make sure no hassle to reselling our refurbished iPhones and android phones by running a 60+ point diagnostics inspection to eliminate any human errors. All tested and insured refurbished phones will get a label size certification sticker and stated your purchased devices are tested, work correctly and deliver as promised.

Finally these certified refurbished iPhones and android phones are not ready for packing and dispatch. Our professional and experienced quality inspection team will go through the refurbished iPhones and android phones one by one and make sure the phone can make call, touchscreen functions fluidly, backlight is bright, no dead pixels, both rear and front cameras functions normally, etc.

To conclude, every certified refurbished iPhones and android phones you wholesale from Wakephone is backed by our comprehensive quality inspection team and the best smartphone diagnostic software nowadays.

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