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Are they the same or difference by nature?

Different vendors has a slight different definition on refurbished iPhone and Used iPhone while some shops use these two words interchangeably. It depends on whether the iPhone they sourced has been inspected, repaired and recondition before they are selling to the market.

What is Refurbished iPhone in Wakephone.com?

If we stated the phone condition as “Refurbished”, that means the iPhone is thoroughly inspected and repaired if we discover any functional issue, meanwhile the housing has been replaced with a brand new condition case cover. All these refurbished iPhones will be tested against PhoneCheck Pro with over 30 points of inspection.

You may come across some of second hand iPhones other suppliers are selling declared their iPhone as Certified Pre-Owned. Actually, the meaning is same as refurbished.

So, should I resell refurbished or used iPhone on marketplace?

Well, there is no definite answer on this question. Some second hand device marketplace, such as backmarket or swappa, they target for seller to distribute refurbished phone only. However, they don’t mean the condition must be 100% look like new. You can still declare your refurbished iPhone condition as Very good, good, or functional. No matter you are selling 100% refurbished or used or pre-owned iPhone, you as a seller, must guaranteed the phone condition match to what they describe and thoroughly tested.

The situation is same as cDiscount, Fnac, Darty or Rakuten. Make sure you grade the phone condition correctly and make sure the phones you are reselling is getting from legitimate source, such as wakephone.com. Wakephone.com only source second hand iPhones from top tiered carriers.

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