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Business wholesale used phone for sale

There is a recent buzz in the mobile industry, thanks to the increasing demand for supply used phones for sale. The value and supply chain is gradually taking shape with numerous and credible wholesale used phones for sale all around the world, while retailers and direct consumers complete the value chain.

Tips to consider before buying wholesale used phones for sale

In this regard, there are several valuable tips to consider before sourcing for used phones for sale near me. How to spot a fraud, and verifying a Chinese supplier can be factors to consider when moving into this market. You’ll also need to consider the appearance loss, quality, and versions as you don’t want to be buying and supplying a phone with functionality issues even if the price is very affordable. In our previous article, we already highlighted the tips to consider before purchasing used phones in bulk from China. You can learn more about the suggestions here.

In this article, we will go into the attention details wholesalers need to consider before buying used phones in bulk.

The importance of quality and function

Smartphones are downright expensive these days, and we cannot deny the fact that they are, unless we have intentions of buying a used or refurbished one. And even if you intend to buy a used phone, you don’t want to sacrifice your money on the altar of appearance when the phone has functionality that can apply in today’s world. The quality of a used phone is significant in convincing customers to buy.

Used phones for sale are supplied in grades based on the quality and appearance. Typically, the grades are explained as follows:

Grade A: All Certified Grade A Devices are fully functional. They appear flawless or like new. They have very slight signs of use.

Grade B: All Certified Grade B Devices are fully Functional. They may appear flawless at first glance. They have light scratches or blemishes on the housing and screen.

Grade C: All Certified Grade C Devices are fully Functional. They appear used at first glance. They may have scratches scuffs on back cover and screen. They may have small dents, dings and heavy wear on their frame.

Different phones come with different specifications, but be sure to get wholesale used phones for sale with reasonable quality in appearance and most importantly─ functionality. You will also need to pay attention to the functions and battery life. You don’t want to be supplying a phone that compels its user to continually charge it now and then due to short battery span. Have your supplier send you a sample before you place an order for the whole job. Furthermore, there is a difference in specification of a phone that makes it in high demand.

Used phone for sale near me attract more customers with high CPU specification. CPU provides engine support to all mobile devices, and a more modern one will work faster and smarter. People also consider the size of the screen and its durability. Since the recent release of new phones ranging between 4.5-6.5 inches screen, most customers will prefer to buy a used phone in that range, since they probably can’t afford the new phones.

With the widespread use of cloud computing, don’t be surprised if your customers are asking for phones with considerable memory space. More storage means quick access to more file from one device.

They will also be looking out for the camera quality. Some versions have different sounds, and some clients will not accept if it has a specific sound. For instance, if you supply a used phone near me with a Japanese camera sound, some clients will not accept. So you have to consider the sound of your cameras.

Competitive advantage over the market price

The demand for affordable devices and recycling projects carried out by environmental protection agencies, it has given birth to the pragmatic shift in the demand for the wholesale used phone for sale. Deloitte predicts that we will still be using about 10 percent of phones purchased in 2016 by 2020. This tells us that the demand for affordable devices will continue to increase which gives way for a thriving used phone wholesale business.

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