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Business Buy iPhones in Bulk

If you are looking to buy iPhones in bulk

You have come to the right place. As one of the most trusted and valued wholesale suppliers on the market, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase. Here at WAKEPHONE we have the best selection of wholesale iPhones on the market right now.


Our products are of the highest quality and go through the most stringent, top of the line testing processes where they have to be assessed for both functionality and cosmetics. We ensure that every single device is tested by our highly qualified technicians through both physical and software testing. We are well aware that there can be difficulties experienced when dealing with wholesalers in terms of inconsistent and incomplete testing when buying iPhones in bulk and our goal is to ensure that this is not the case with us. The process begins with the visual inspections and functionality test then the used devices undergo detailed test by the PhoneCheck system to ensure all IMEI numbers are clean and not a single device feature is ever skipped during this.


Once inspected the products are graded accordingly, this is especially important for used devices.

The grading system is as follows.
If all of the original parts of the device are fully functional and there are no visible scratches or scuffs on the casing or the phone screens in addition to the IOS functioning as it should giving you the experience of using new phone, the device is graded as ‘A’.

If all of the original parts are fully functional but there are slight signs of use with minor scratches and scuffs around casing but not on phone screens in addition to the IOS functioning as it should, the devices receives a ‘B’ grading. Our Grade B’s appearance looks very similar to the grade ‘A’ with only slight differences and a cheaper price, as a result this is our most popular purchase.

Finally, If all of the original parts are fully functional but there are signs of use with moderate scratches and dents on phone (but no screen damage) they receive a ‘C’ grading. This is our cheapest option for obvious reasons.


Another trait that sets us apart from the rest is our consistent inventory. Not only do we have the latest iPhones available for purchase as well as older models, but our inventory is kept consistently restocked and checked, ensuring that customers never have to wait for their orders to be sent. In addition to this quick and easy purchasing process, we provide real-time customer support to ensure that any issues that may arise are dealt with efficiently and effectively. With our top notch customer service representatives, satisfaction is guaranteed. It does not end there through.
Once the purchase is made, we offer a full sixty day warranty on our products and our simple RMA process makes any returns to our warehouse quick and easy and all payments are hassle free.


With all of these benefits, WAKEPHONE is no doubt the best option on the market for buying iPhones in bulk. We offer the highest quality, best products and the most favourable prices you can possibly find. We truly are the number one exporters and wholesalers in this industry.

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    France、Italy、Poland、Spain、US and Hong Kong
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