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Business used mobile phones wholesale supplier in uk

Logistics is a vital component of any business.  It refers to the regulation or control of the movement and storage of products and merchandise in and out of a business.  In the used mobile phone wholesale industry, logistics play an extra important role across the industry.  First of, the fast phase of technology in the mobile phone industry can greatly influence prices, demands and sales.  Used mobile phones wholesale distributors in the UK need their products delivered fast and well-timed because they themselves are subject to the fast phase of obsolescence of their products. Secondly, the timeliness of delivering orders forms a core component of quality with the prevalence of online shopping.  Thus, expensive items are expected to have higher logistics timeliness.  In many cases, the shipping serves as the number one factor for making purchase decision. Moreover, delays can lead to cancellations and lost business opportunities. Under these premises, logistics timeliness is given much emphasis in the bulk used mobile phones industry. As a second-hand mobile phone wholesale supplier.


How do we control the timeliness of our logistics? Mainly through the following ways:


Adding local delivery warehouses.  Expanding the logistics system in the supply chain can significantly improve logistics timeliness.  Having additional warehouses in strategic locations or regions where changes in demand are recurrent can help your business to coordinate demands, process goods faster, be more responsive to changes, attain real time inventory and conduct more timely replenishments of stocks. At the moment, we operate warehouses in the UK and Hong Kong.  Putting up additional warehouses in Spain and Poland can tremendously improve our logistics timeliness in the growing number of second-hand mobile phone wholesale suppliers in Europe.

Providing self-pick up services in the UK. Self-pick up services can drastically improve logistics timeliness by providing customers greater convenience and flexibility. For one it saves the customer time of waiting for courier to deliver the goods.  Instead of waiting, the customer can personally pick up the goods in the designated delivery place in his own time. And the more your business customer is empowered the control of time, the better and more flexible it can schedule its sales services. Customers are provided the flexibility to choose the most convenient drop off service points where he or she prefers to pick up the goods. Finally, self-pick up also helps in safeguarding the address and phone numbers of the customer who might otherwise want this information private or confidential.

Providing varied delivery method choices. The more choices a customer can select from in terms of delivery method, the more chances for him to find the type of service most convenient and preferable for his business. Offering choices allow you to meet your customers wherever they are and whatever they need. This can be achieved by tapping the services of third-party logistics companies that manage local supply chain processes. These companies provide customers with diverse service options for customers to choose from.  For instance, used mobile phones wholesale distributors in the UK can choose to send via DPD and delivered in the next day. On other hand, bulk used mobile phones wholesale customers in other European countries can choose DHL next day delivery or DHL normal delivery.

We provide different logistics services for different customer needs, and we hope to increase mutual trust and become reliable partners through our services.

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