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We came across a lot of blame from our first time shopper about their terrible experience in purchasing used or refurbished devices online and today we would like to summarize 4 factors used iPhone shoppers need to pay attention:


  1. Inconsistent grading.
  2. Old battery durability. Batteries healthy rate are not up to 70% or above.
  3. Lack of systematic and consistent functional inspection.
  4. Merchants do not warranty except power on-off, iCloud and SIM lock.


No matter you are retail shoppers or online merchants who are planning to sell used iPhone lot online must ensure any used iPhone suppliers can provide clear and consistent grading guideline. Better to ask for real product photos, clear definition and description for each grading.


Battery condition deteriorates over time. If the original battery comes with the iPhone, which has been using for over a few years, the battery healthy condition, usually, drops dramatically and it will drain out or die quickly even though you just recharge to 100%. Make sure the wholesalers do check the battery life and we, wakephone.com, suggest you to change a new one.


Used iPhone grading, in general, focus on the appearance only. Most suppliers perform functional test by human experience only and buying bulk from these iPhone wholesalers are, actually, testing your luck only. Ask your suppliers how they go through the inspection one by one. Serious suppliers prefer to use software to screen out all stolen second hand phones and make sure all the phone features are normally functioning.


Ask their refund or return policy to avoid any hassle after purchase. Some big wholesalers from America, Japan do no offer any warranty after that iPhone lot leaves the depot. Usually, they only guarantee all the used iPhones they are selling do not contain any stocks with iCloud lock or SIM lock. Even you encounter 1 or 2 pieces of iPhones with lock, some suppliers may prefer to offer you credit for next order only.

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